Founded by Henry and Dorothy Eng in the 1950’s, Oakcrest Park Estates Ltd. is now owned by the next generation of the Eng family—Henry and Dorothy’s surviving sons, Kenny and Bobby, and their son Eddie’s widow, Teresa.

Before Henry died in 1997, he passed on the job of managing the company to his eldest son, Eddie. Under Eddie’s management, development of the prized Henry Eng Industrial Park, in Langford, began. After Eddie’s death in 2006, the company’s accountant and business advisor for over 25 years, Thomas Burley, FCA, former partner with Grant Thornton LLP, took on the role of managing the business.

At the same time, the company closed its Excavating Division and ceased doing active property development. Today, as General Manager and CEO, Tom runs the day-to-day activities of the business. Along with Ken Eng, and a small staff, Tom manages the various rental properties in the company portfolio, oversees the North Douglas Self Storage facility and actively plans for future investments and development of Oakcrest’s raw land holdings.

Board Of Directors
  • Ken Eng — Son of Henry and Dorothy Eng, one-third shareholder.
  • Bob Eng — Son of Henry and Dorothy Eng, one-third shareholder.
  • Michael Baier — Owner of Limona Construction, award-winning property development and residential home building company.
  • Teresa Eng and Marianne Eng (Bob’s wife) act as advisors to the Board of Directors, making it in effect a family council.